10 Incredible Black Friday 2023 Deals to Expect on Mattresses

10 Incredible Black Friday 2023 Deals to Expect on Mattresses

Mattresses form an important part of a person’s daily life. After all, quality sleep is just as significant as any other critical life aspect. Choosing the right mattress that improves one’s sleep quality is key to getting enough rest to keep people energized throughout their day. Mattresses fetch healthy discounts during festive occasions such as Black Friday. Based on past and present trends, here are some deals on mattresses to expect this Black Friday:

Foam mattress deals
These mattresses are the most simple drivers of sleep in people. With Black Friday just around the corner, shoppers should keep an eye out for foam mattresses from popular brands. LIFERECORD’s Twin Mattress is currently available on Amazon for $149 after a 17% discount. Hopefully, this Black Friday brings similar or better deals. The mattress, featuring an 8-inch memory foam layer infused with green tea and cool gel, is fiberglass-free and comes with a bamboo cover. Other brands are also likely to offer similar or better deals during Black Friday. The LIFERECORD mattress stands out for its ability to regulate temperature automatically, relieve pressure points, and removable covers for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Latex mattress deals
Natural, organic, and latex mattresses are reliable alternatives to traditional mattresses made with gel-infused foam or regular memory foam. Generally, latex mattresses also consist of high-quality components such as organic cotton, organic latex, and pure wool. During Black Friday, such mattresses are expected to come with discounts that run into hundreds of dollars. Such offers make buying latex mattresses particularly rewarding for shoppers during festive occasions like Black Friday.

For instance, during Black Friday, PlushBeds offered significant discounts of over $1,000 on their products, making it an excellent opportunity for customers to purchase high-quality bedding at a more affordable price. Therefore, if shoppers have always wanted to purchase latex mattresses but find them on the pricier side of things, then Black Friday gives them the perfect opportunity to go ahead and finally buy them.

Waterbed deals
Waterbeds are arguably one of the more radical options out there when it comes to optimizing sleep. As the name implies, these mattresses are filled with water to provide a great degree of relaxation to one’s muscles when they sleep on them. Wayfair is currently offering 59% off the Strobel Mattress’ Aspen 30″ Waveless Deep Fill Hard-Side Waterbed Mattress package, bringing its price down to $1,319 from $3,209. It is a product that comes with components like a semi-waveless waterbed mattress, a standard pedestal (black), an upholstered frame (including a headboard, a foot rail, and side rails), wood decking, fill & drain kit, a hard-side heater, a waterbed conditioner, and a heavy-duty safety liner (stand-up).

Innerspring mattress deals
Innerspring mattresses offer a solid alternative to standard foam mattresses. Several users of these mattresses genuinely enjoy their spring-driven, bouncy nature compared to the more supple sleep provided by a foam mattress. Shoppers looking for high-quality innerspring mattresses can check out Slumber 1 By Zinus’ 12″ support innerspring mattress. This product is currently available at Walmart for $198. Hopefully, this Black Friday brings some deals on this mattress. Some of the highlights of this mattress include its durable and comfortable material and its top-quality layers (a 1.25-inch durable high-density foam, 4.5 inches of the Visco latex foam, rounded off by a 6-inch base layer of heavy-duty steel coils.

Air mattress deals
Air mattresses can be difficult to find, especially good quality ones that are reasonably priced. One excellent option is the Active Era 20″ Premium Queen Air Mattress, which comes with a built-in pump and a pillow. This mattress is currently on sale on Amazon for $99 (33% discount included). However, if you can wait until Black Friday, you may be able to get an even better deal. These air mattresses are typically puncture-resistant, waterproof, and come with a quick electric pump for easy inflation.

Pillowtop mattress deals
Pillowtop-styled mattresses offer the most luxurious sleeping experience imaginable. These mattresses feature a layer of soft cushioning material sewn to the top surface to create a sensation of “sleeping on the clouds” for users. While most people love these comfy mattresses, healthcare and sleep experts advise side sleepers to use them extensively for better sleep. Naturally, pillowtop mattresses can get expensive due to the expensive materials involved in making them. During the previous Black Friday sales, shoppers have gotten discounts worth up to $300 on these amazing mattresses. Hopefully, this Black Friday brings similar or better discounts.

Adjustable bed mattress deals
As their name implies, these mattresses can adjust their shape to any changes in the bed frame. So, if a bed frame is elevated, taken down, or reclined at any angle, the mattress effortlessly contorts to accommodate it without getting damaged. Shoppers looking for this kind of mattress can opt for Amerisleep’s Adjustable Bed+, which is currently available on the brand’s official website for a discount of $600. But if one can hold off buying it till Black Friday, one may get a better deal for it.

Organic mattress deals
Organic mattresses provide great sleep and are comforting and sustainable for the environment. The Birch Natural Mattress is currently available for $1,699, down from $2,123 at the brand’s official website.

Hybrid mattress deals
Shoppers looking for quality hybrid mattresses can check out Naiveer’s Cool Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress, which is available for a discount of up to $20. One can find features such as cool gel memory in these mattresses for a relaxed and comforting sleeping experience and a multi-layer 12-inch hybrid structure for getting the best of pocketed springs and gel memory foam.

Gel grid mattress deals
Gel grid mattresses are likely to be one sale when Black Friday comes around this year. These mattresses offer a cooling, soothing, and soft experience to users so that their sleep experience can be as enriching as possible.