3 simple hairstyle ideas for women

3 simple hairstyle ideas for women

There are many things in life that you cannot shape, change, or control. Your hair is not one of them. While a lot of focus is put on make-up products, it’s actually the hairstyle that gives the look an extra oomph factor. Going to the salon to get your hair done may not be a feasible option for many, so here are some easy hairstyles perfect for work, school, or a party.

Soft beach waves
Apply a hair mousse on wet hair and then dry your hair about 80% using the AirWrap Dyson styler attachment. Divide your hair into sections and separate them using a hair clip. Start curling them one at a time using the 30MM curling barrel. Allow it to cool for a while, and apply any texturizing spray. Brush out the curls with your fingers for a messier look, perfect for a night out. Alternatively, you can use the Remington, T3, or Trezoro hairdryer for a budget-friendly choice.

High ponytail
A high ponytail is perfect for a professional look. To achieve this, flip your hair and give it a quick blow-dry. The AirWrap Dyson hairstyler is great for this look. You can also use the Ribivaul Iconic hairdryer, which looks quite similar to the Dyson. Make sure you dry your hair from the root in the same direction. Part your hair in half from ear to ear in a half ponytail, and then smooth it down using a bristle brush. Now take the rest of your hair and tie it to the already made ponytail. It is recommended to use a bungee elastic to secure the ponytail for a salon-like look.

Textured lob
Start by applying the mousse on wet hair and then use the AirWrap Dyson to dry your hair to about 70%. If you have frizzy hair, you can tame it with Dyson’s smoothening attachment to add a bounce. Divide your hair into deep side partitions and start curling using the 40MM barrel in one section and 30MM on the next. You need to give your hair time to cool down completely after curling. Finish it by straying volumizing or setting spray to keep the textures in place. This hairstyle will definitely shine the light on you in school or at a party.

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