4 distinct gifting ideas for men

4 distinct gifting ideas for men

Shopping for men can be a tricky. Usually, we end up gifting our dads, brothers, friends, and partners a tie or perfume, or a watch. But gifting these same items on every special occasion can be boring. Instead, you can surprise them with something practical which shows that you care for them. So, if you’ve been struggling to decide on a gift for them, here are four unique gift ideas you can check out now.

No one wants to deal with pains and aches all through the day. But lucky for us, there is nothing better than a massage to uplift one’s spirits and tackle the tension and soreness in the body after a long day at work. That being said, massages and spa days can cost a hefty penny. On the contrary, a massager is affordable and makes for a great gift. When gifting your friend, you can try giving a massage gun for more targeted massages and to tackle muscle soreness. You can also gift your friend, sibling, or partner a back, neck, and shoulder massager, which uses heat and deep tissue massages to relieve soreness.

Smart mug
Have you taken your hot cup of coffee or tea and left it out to move on to another task, only to return to a cold cup of coffee? Well, this glaring issue can now be solved. All you need is a smart mug. Most smart mugs allow you to keep the coffee or tea at the perfect temperature of your choice for a period of time. The mug can also be connected to the app, and you need to recharge it with the help of the charger/coaster that comes along with your machine. This makes for a unique gift for the upcoming holiday season.

RFID blocking wallet
Gone are the days you would gift your partner a plain and simple wallet. Our accessories should keep up with the times. So, instead, you can gift a wallet with RFID-blocking capabilities. These wallets protect your monetary items in more ways than one. For example, your physical cash and cards will stay safe in the compartments of the wallet. The anodized plates at the front and the back of the wallet will also ensure that the wallet lasts for a long period of time. Just underneath the anodized plates, these wallets usually have an RFID-blocking plate, which prevents the digital theft of money and other information.

All-in-one sandwich maker
Another unique yet practical gift you can give someone is an all-in-one sandwich maker. This makes for the perfect gift, which is easy to use, clean, and can prepare your sandwich within a few minutes. All-in-one sandwich makers come in different sections to cook different foods in one go. They can also be used to make waffles, croissants, and more. You can shop for this cool product on various online shopping portals and send it as a gift.

In addition to these, a digital subscription is also an interesting gifting idea. In particular, you can consider buying the Wall Street Journal’s digital subscription as a gift. The plan offers unlimited access to the Wall Street Journal website, daily crosswords and puzzles, audio versions of articles, and premium articles.