4 mistakes to avoid when attending music festivals and concerts

4 mistakes to avoid when attending music festivals and concerts

Most music festival and concert attendees travel long distances to reach the designated venue. So, they have to arrange transportation and accommodation, meet various expenses, and take care of several other things to make the day a success. If unprepared, these events can turn from a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience to a complete nightmare! Keep reading to learn about the most common music festival and concert mistakes and how to avoid them.

Common music festival mistakes to avoid
People who have attended music festivals and concerts may be familiar with the required preparedness. But if you are traveling great distances to attend such events for the first time, avoid these mistakes:

Not staying well-hydrated
The security arrangements at most music festivals are incredibly stringent, and passing through all the checks can take time. Carrying a sealed bottle of water is a great way to avoid dehydration while waiting in line. It will also ensure you are energized while dancing and moving around later in the day. While you may be able to purchase bottled water at the venue, the cost will likely be exorbitant. Headaches, dry mouth, and less urination are a few signs of dehydration to look for.

Not locating the bathrooms before the concert begins
After entering the premises of the music festival, you may get overwhelmed with excitement. But it is crucial to calm down and familiarize yourself with the new place. A common mistake many people make is forgetting to check where the bathrooms are. This puts them in a difficult situation later when they need to use the facility urgently but do not know where to go. To avoid this problem, look around the premises as soon as you clear the security check process.

Relying too much on cell phones
Some music festival venues have poor network connectivity and only a few mobile charging stations for attendees. Moreover, crowded concerts have a history of phone theft. Therefore, it becomes imperative to have a backup plan in case you get separated from your group and cannot contact them. A popular solution is to designate a central meeting area where everyone can head to after being separated in the crowd.

Booking accommodation at the last minute
When traveling to another city, book accommodation in advance. Due to high demand, you might find it hard to get a confirmed room too close to the concert dates. Even if you find one, the price will likely be high, increasing your expenses for the trip. Also, look for a hotel nearest to the venue, so you can reach on time and enjoy the day to the fullest.

Besides avoiding the above mistakes, do not forget to pack all your essentials before leaving for the venue. This includes soaps, sanitizers, and spare toilet paper. These events are incredibly crowded, so it is vital to maintain cleanliness and hygiene to avoid picking up an infection. Finally, ensure to use a safe mode of transportation to reach the hotel after the music festival ends.