4 pocket-friendly destinations to see around the world

4 pocket-friendly destinations to see around the world

Have you caught the travel bug but don’t have enough money? That is fine! The world is enormous and full of incredibly gorgeous places that you can explore on a budget. If you know just a few travel hacks, then even a seemingly expensive destination can be toured at a significantly cheaper cost. Here are the 4 best destinations from around the world that you can travel to and explore at affordable prices.


Southeast Asia has always been the favorite travel destination of virtually all budget-minded travelers. While most of the countries here are worth exploring, Cambodia is something exceptional. You need barely $50 per day in your wallet, and you’re all set to traverse the country. You can find delicious street food for only $2, transportation across the country costs as little as $20, and an air-conditioned room is available for only $20. Compared to its neighbor, Cambodia is the least expensive and just as beautiful. And, of course, don’t forget to visit the enormous Buddhist temple complex of Angkor Wat while you’re there.

Central America

Smaller Central American countries—Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala—are great destinations for your budget travel bucket list. You can easily find good hotels for only $15, meals for $3, and of course, beer for less than a dollar. Bus journeys across the country are also very cheap. Central America is a great place to visit for anyone who wants to explore the Mayan ruins in Guatemala, trek through the jungle, try surfing, and savor delicious food with tourists from across the world. You can travel this part of the world very comfortably in less than $60 a day.


If you can manage to survive on spicy food and avoid staying in five-star resorts, India is one of the most beautiful places that you can explore for less money. You can find good hotel rooms for about $25, meals for less than $1.5, and the country’s railway is among the cheapest in the world. India has incredible regional diversity, deep cultural history, great tea, and mouthwatering cuisines for those who can’t stop digging on spicy food. From north to south, India has several beautiful trekking destinations and temples flocked by tourists from around the world.


If you’re planning to travel to Central Europe, make sure to stop by Hungary. The country’s historic capital on the Danube River, Budapest, is a must-visit travel destination for all. It’s a beautiful bargain where you can find delicious meals for $4, train tickets for $2, and great accommodation for less than $20 per night. If you’re looking to spend some quiet time in the countryside, you can travel to Lake Balaton in Transdanubia in western Hungary. It’s only a half-hour train ride from Budapest. Lake Balaton is the biggest lake in Central Europe and a very popular summer destination among Hungarians. You can go swimming in the lake or hiking to the verdant northern hills before you drink locally produced wines from the vineyards across nearby Badacsony Hill.



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