5 cleaning mistakes to avoid for a hygienic home

5 cleaning mistakes to avoid for a hygienic home

Everyone likes living in or visiting a clean and hygienic home. But cleaning the home is not an easy task. Although you might have essential tools such as a broom, mop, or a powerful vacuum cleaner to get the job done, if the cleaning isn’t done right, your home is going to be dirtier and shabbier than before. Here are five cleaning mistakes that may lead to an unhygienic home.

Using soiled cleaning products
Wiping surfaces with a soiled sponge or an unwashed cloth will spread the grime and grease on the surface of floors or other objects. Let’s not forget the tons of germs present in unwashed cleaning products. So, use properly sanitized products to maintain overall hygiene.

Rubbing stains before blotting
When you rub spills on the floor before blotting, the stain may spread. Furthermore, if there are cracks in the floor or a carpet, these stains will get stuck deep inside the grooves. So, you must blot it with a clean cloth to remove any residue. After this, follow a reliable stain removal method to get rid of the blot.

Using poor-quality cleaning products
Several individuals use cleaning products that are cheap to save money. While these cleaning essentials are fragrant, they do not eliminate germs effectively. Therefore, we recommend spending a little more on quality products to ensure hygiene levels at home. Clorox® is a popular brand that offers a range of products to clean floors, bathrooms, and other parts of a house.

Inappropriate ventilation
Products like ammonia and bleach contain chemicals that release fumes when applied to a surface, and poor ventilation can lead to inhalation of such fumes, which may irritate your airways and cause health complications. So ensure you open the windows, use an air purifier, or switch on the exhaust when you use such products.

Cleaning too fast
Unlike what TV commercials claim, not all products work instantly. If a surface is stained, it needs to be wet with a disinfectant for some minutes before it can kill germs. When you buy a disinfectant, read the label carefully to determine the contact time for sanitization and disinfection.