5 common fashion mistakes to avoid

5 common fashion mistakes to avoid

Trying to look ready for the ramp is not nearly as effortless as professional models and celebrities make it seem. In fact, even their street style is carefully curated to make them look chic and casual. This is why replicating these looks at home may not be the best idea for everyone. Careless imitation along with other blunders can make even the best styles seem sloppy, so, one should avoid making easily avoidable fashion mistakes.

Ignoring comfort

People may overlook fashionable choices in the fear of leaving their comfort zone, or they may make uncomfortable choices in the name of fashion. Either way, it is an incorrect approach to fashion according to experts in the field. Our clothing and styling choices reflect any uneasiness or discomfort. Confidence will come naturally when people develop their own sense of style and choose things that are comfortable for them.

Ill-fitted clothes

While oversized clothes have been trendy for a hot minute, not everyone needs to get on board. If anything, donning ill-fitted clothing can make the overall look seem unkempt or even unappealing. Certain combinations can work like pairing an oversized blazer with a body-accentuating blouse. On the other hand, adding baggy layers to oversized jeans and shirts can make one look shabby.

Following trends

Trying to keep up with trends is futile as more often than not, they will pass and people are bound to end up at the store looking for new styles every week. Instead, one can try stocking up on classic, timeless styles and sticking to a handful of brands that they like. 


There are two ways one can go wrong with accessories: One is overdoing it, and two is not doing it at all. Minimal accessories usually work, but excessively stacked up jewelry would ruin the look. Here, one’s indecision comes into the picture. Further, adding multiple accessories like hats, scarfs, neckpieces, bracelets, and belts to a single outfit will seem distracting. 

Compulsive shopping

Some people tend to go overboard with styling and accessorizing as they have too many options at their disposal. This is true for those who overspend as they might feel the need to use everything they bought, even if they don’t like those items anymore. Or, if overwhelmed, one may hoard stuff and never put them to use. A better choice would be sticking to basics and essentials and experimenting first with what one has. Organizing and decluttering can help one get rid of unused items as well. Closet essentials and organizers from Aosom might help with this purpose.

These fashion mistakes can be also avoided by adopting sustainable ideas such as a capsule wardrobe, i.e., only using 20–25 items that can be mixed and matched to create different looks. Such approaches can help people experiment with styles using their own judgment. To begin with the fashion journey, one can use organizers and start rearranging their wardrobe. Try looking up different closet essentials on brands like Aosom and also check out their discount code.

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