5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Moving to a New Home

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Moving to a New Home

Moving into a new home can be overwhelming – albeit positive – change requires thorough preparation and planning. It involves considerable excitement and nervousness at once, and families typically miss out on certain crucial aspects due to such hustles. Besides maintaining a to-do list for your moving process, it is imperative to understand the don’ts of moving. If you are about to start afresh at a new home, here are some common mistakes to avoid:

Not decluttering
One of the essential aspects of moving into a new home is discarding belongings you would no longer require. Decluttering helps you organize your belongings better and make way for any new products you may want to purchase. Moving into a clutter-free home can also help clear mental fog and chaos. Finally, it is noble to give away belongings that are in good condition but you are unlikely to use them.

Not packing fragile items properly
Besides packing all your belongings in designated boxes, ensure to bubble-wrap fragile items to avoid breakage. It is also advisable to pack such belongings in boxes that are only slightly larger than their sizes. This measure can help avoid rigorous movement of the item inside the box, preventing it from breaking. You can also consult professional interstate movers and avail of additional safety measures like air pillows and plastic pallets.

Not labeling the items
Labels provide significant clarity on what items have been packed in which boxes. Adding labels can also help you sort out your goods effectively once they are transported to your new home. It can also help movers understand how carefully they must handle the boxes based on what they contain.

Overpacking or packing too less
Overpacking can cause a cluttered new home and significant challenges in accommodating the overload of belongings. Simultaneously, one must not leave out essential items like documents and medication in the frenzy of packing for new beginnings. It helps to prepare a comprehensive list of required goods to carry to your new home and stick to it throughout the process.

Not packing in advance
An important aspect of residential moving is to begin the packing process well in advance. Every family member may have his/her set of necessary and desired belongings, and consolidating all items at the last minute can lead to unimaginable stress. Allocate sufficient time for yourself and your family to pack all their belongings at a relaxed pace, sparing the last week for packing absolute essentials.


Contacting a reliable commercial mover is the first step to ensuring systematic, hassle-free packing and moving. Performing a background check on the commercial mover and discussing your requirements vis-a-vis their services is imperative. For example, some movers may specialize in local or small-load moving, whereas others may be proficient in facilitating out-of-state, specialty, and international moving. Understanding your needs and budget limits and thoroughly assessing different moving companies’ proficiencies can help you make the right choice.