5 common travel mistakes to avoid

5 common travel mistakes to avoid

Traveling, be it domestic or international, can be a hassle-free and memorable experience with proper planning. Planning ensures you have dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s before heading out. However, there may be a few surprises along the way as certain things cannot be predicted or controlled. That is why it is even more important to pay attention to common travel mistakes to avoid, irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a globetrotter.

Not planning in advance
Not planning earlier can cost you both extra time and money, especially if you are considering going abroad. Popular tourist destinations attract visitors from all over the globe. That means flight and hotel rates fluctuate based on demand. So, waiting till the last moment to confirm travel and stay arrangements is not advisable. You must book and make reservations in advance, and also periodically confirm these bookings for any revisions in schedule.

Forgetting to validate documents
Passports and visas are necessary identification documents. You need to ensure all bookings, especially for international trips are made under the names and details mentioned in these documents. Any supporting documents that the TSA might verify, for example, a driver’s license must also be up to date with the correct details. Validating documents ensures a hassle-free travel, transfer, and immigration at the destination.

All flights have weight restrictions so you must adhere to the baggage allowances. Ensure you pack only what’s essential. Overpacking will also make it difficult to haul the luggage from one place to the other, especially on trips that cover multiple destinations.

Overscheduling is one of the major travel mistakes to avoid. Understand that delays are inevitable. So do not plan a trip where you try to cover everything but struggle to allocate sufficient time. This is applicable to connecting flights, hotel transfers, and restaurant reservations. None of these activities should overlap, causing unwanted stress.

Not managing finances properly
Avoid exchanging money at the airports. They offer the worst exchange rates at major destinations. Instead of carrying too much cash, opt for an international ATM or credit card to withdraw money at ATMs at the location. Also, never skip the travel insurance as it covers the cost of unexpected liabilities that may arise while traveling.

Apart from avoiding these mistakes, while traveling, you can also skip the line at several monuments and historical sites like the Vatican Sistine Chapel, Vatican tour, the Colosseum, Eiffel Tower, and the Louvre if you pre-book skip-the-line tickets online. Some of these places also provide a 2-3 day pass to tourists that allows travelers to visit all historical places without having to wait in the queue. Moreover, some of these sites have second, less crowded entrances that you can try.

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