5 Early-Bird Black Friday 2023 Deals to Not Miss

5 Early-Bird Black Friday 2023 Deals to Not Miss

As the calendar inches closer to the year’s most anticipated shopping extravaganza, Black Friday, eager shoppers are already being treated for what’s to come. While Black Friday may commence towards the end of the year, retailers are getting a head start on the deals frenzy by offering early-bird discounts. This trend, which gained momentum in recent years, allows savvy consumers to snag incredible bargains ahead of the shopping rush. Here’s everything to know.

When will Early Bird 2023 Black Friday Start?
Black Friday 2023 falls on November 24th, but it’s worth noting that many retailers and online platforms kick off their sales well before the official shopping day, starting a few days earlier or earlier in the month. One might start seeing early bird discounts and promotions from various retailers starting November 2023 or as early as October 2023.

Early Bird 2023 Black Friday deals to expect

1. Clothing and accessories
Macy’s has announced its Black Friday event with early access from 11th November 2023, followed by Black Friday Specials from 19th to 25th November. The discounts will be seen on women’s fashion, designer handbags, jewelry, beauty brands, dinnerware, bedding, furniture, and mattresses. The event also provides an opportunity to plan for gifts, catering to various preferences such as men’s clothing and kids’ toys.

2. Electronics
Most major electronics retailers roll out discounts on various gadgets, including smartphones, laptops, and gaming consoles. Renowned brands like Samsung and Microsoft will likely offer exciting deals through their website and retail giants like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. Apple is not known to discount its products directly but provides service bundles and trade-in programs through retailers, which can help one save significantly.

3. Home goods
Early bird discounts almost always extend to home goods and furniture stores. One can expect household names like IKEA, Target, and Walmart to roll out enticing discounts on everything from cozy bedding sets to elegant furniture pieces. Whether looking to revamp one’s living space or enhance one’s home comforts, these deals can help one get the best prices.

4. Travel
Many airlines, hotel chains, and online booking platforms will likely tempt travelers with early bird offers on flights, accommodations, and vacation packages for the upcoming year. Here are current early bird black friday deals one can get right now:

  • Hopper’s Travel Deal Tuesday: Hopper is set to offer discounted airfare in collaboration with participating airlines and decreased rates for resort accommodations, rental houses, and rental cars on Tuesday that follows Thanksgiving. This will enable app users to save significantly. Following last year’s trends, one can save $300 on domestic flights and over $1,000 on international flights. One can also win travel credits up to $2,000 for referring friends.
  • Booking.com’s Black Friday deals: Under its Black Friday promotion, Booking.com has unveiled attractive discounts, reaching up to 30%, for approximately 900 hotels and resorts. Commencing on Thanksgiving Day, Booking.com also extends its discounts to rental cars, with up to 25% savings.

5. Beauty and skincare
One can look for early bird discounts on beauty and skincare products from popular brands like Sephora and Ulta Beauty. One can score deals on makeup sets, grooming essentials, and skincare bundles that can also make perfect gifting items for the upcoming festive season. Retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart offer steep discounts on various products and brands during this time.

Best ways to navigate early-bird sales
Consumers must have a game plan as the early-bird Black Friday landscape evolves. Here’s how to make the most of this trend:

  • Stay informed: Email subscribers are usually the first line of customers who get the latest updates on early bird discounts from any brand or retailer. They may also be subject to additional perks and offers as a reward. So, one is advised to subscribe to newsletters, follow one’s favorite retailers on social media, and set up deal alerts to stay updated on the latest Black Friday offers.
  • Compare and contrast: With multiple retailers offering early deals, one is advised to take the time to compare prices and offerings before making a purchase. One can utilize online price comparison tools and apps like BuyVia, Flipp, Mycartsavings, ShopSavvy, and others to compare prices across different retailers. Some tools even provide historical price data, helping one ascertain whether a deal is a bargain. Additionally, remember to factor in shipping costs, return policies, and any additional benefits a retailer might offer.
  • Plan: To make wise purchases, creating a list of desired items and establishing a budget is essential. Having a plan can prevent impulsive buying and ensure that one gets the most value for their money. It is recommended to prioritize the most important items and research their regular prices to identify authentic discounts.
  • Act swiftly: Early-bird deals tend to sell out quickly, so it’s best not to hesitate when one finds a deal that aligns with one’s shopping goals.
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