5 mistakes to avoid when sending flowers

5 mistakes to avoid when sending flowers

Gifting somebody flowers is a tender show of affection. Flowers are safe gifting bets when it comes to any occasion, be it someone’s birthday, relationship anniversary, Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s Day. However, sending someone flowers is also a lengthy process, with choosing flowers online or in-store, packaging, and couriering all being vital steps. Considering that, here are some of the common mistakes one can avoid when sending flowers to a loved one.

Not double-checking the receiver’s address
If someone is sending flowers in a hurry, they might not double-check the recipient’s address. If the address is incorrect, the flowers may never reach the person who is supposed to receive them, and all the time, money, and effort spent planning and organizing the flowers can go down the drain. Therefore, one must carefully check the details and the recipient’s address at least two or three times before handing the flowers over to the courier representative.
Before confirming the payment, one must verify to ensure that they have not written the incorrect address on the package containing the flowers.

Sending the wrong flowers
Not everyone will love every kind of flower there is to gift. In fact, some recipients may have health issues triggered by certain types of flowers sent to them, such as lilies or hibiscus. On the other hand, certain people hate specific flowers, such as red roses or daisies, as they are apparently some of the cornier gifting options.

Therefore, before gifting someone flowers, one can ask the recipient’s family member or mutual friend regarding their preferences. Otherwise, one can also discover such preferences on their own through subtle conversations with the recipients over a period of time.

Buying flowers at the last minute
Ordering flowers on the same day they are supposed to be sent are very likely to cause delivery issues and delays, especially when the gift is sent on busy days such as Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, or any other special occasion or public holiday. Ideally, one must arrange the flowers a day before they are supposed to be received by the recipient.

The chaos caused during deliveries makes ordering flowers at the last minute one of the main mistakes to avoid when sending flowers to someone.

Not adding a message
Even though the recipient may have an idea regarding who the sender of the flowers is, one can remove all ambiguity by including a message written on a card that is inserted among the flowers sent. On reading the message, the recipient will clearly know who has sent the flowers and the reason for the same.

Not understanding the symbolism
Certain flowers represent very specific things. For example, yellow roses are generally considered to be a sign of friendship, red roses symbolize the passionate aspects of romance, and crimson roses are taken as a sign of mourning. Therefore, one must be very careful when it comes to sending the “right” kind of flowers.