5 smartphone habits to avoid

5 smartphone habits to avoid

Smartphones have become indispensable gadgets and an extension of people. One relies on these devices to wake them up, stay in touch with current events, socialize, provide entertainment, order groceries, and just about everything else. They have become so integral to everyone’s daily lives that, at times, people don’t look up from their screens for hours. However, experts suggest that excessive use of phones can be unhealthy. So, here are five smartphone habits to avoid:

Using the phone while walking
Texting or browsing the internet on the phone while walking on the road can distract one from their surroundings. It can also affect their ability to pay attention to oncoming traffic. So, one should focus on the road instead to avoid mishaps.

Relying solely on GPS
The Global Positioning System (or GPS) has made people’s lives much easier, as they no longer need to remember routes or look up maps before leaving the house. While the service can sometimes be helpful, it is not 100% accurate. That is why it is important to self-navigate by paying attention to road signs that may indicate speed limits, one-way roads, and other important details.

Using the phone before bedtime
Often, the last thing people see before they fall asleep is their smartphone screen. However, these devices can emit a blue light that suppresses melatonin, a chemical in the brain that regulates sleep. Low levels of melatonin lead to inadequate rest, restlessness, and lack of concentration, among other things. This makes phone use before bed a bad smartphone habit one should immediately break.

Not updating phone software
It is important to update the phone periodically or whenever an update is released to protect it from security threats and cyber-attacks. Although updating the phone can take up a significant amount of storage space, it is an important step to keeping data safe from any kind of attack. Updates also help the phone perform more efficiently.

Ignoring overheating
If a smartphone gets overheated due to continuous use for an extended period, one should not ignore it. It is important to give it some time to cool down and reach normal temperature. Overheating can tamper with the phone’s battery and reduce its usability. One should also avoid using the phone in direct sunlight, as this can heat the device. If the phone seems to be overheated, one should stop using it and remove the cover (if any) to aid airflow and let it cool faster.

Another habit to avoid is paying for phone plans without doing any research. Many smartphone owners make this common mistake. The plan you purchased might sometimes be contractual, and you’ll be stuck with it until the course runs out. Researching a competent 5G phone plan and sticking to reliable carriers like Verizon can benefit you. The brand offers unlimited nationwide 5G plans for as low as $35/month per line.

In addition to stopping the above-mentioned smartphone habits, people should secure their phones by installing antivirus software or an appropriate security application. One should avoid public Wi-Fi networks (such as those available at cafes and shopping centers) and clicking on any unknown or suspicious links to keep their phone and data safe from attacks.

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