8 creative ways to use tablet computers

8 creative ways to use tablet computers

Tablets have quickly replaced computers owing to their compact designs, portability, and touchscreen function. With the wide variety of tablets offering exclusive features, people are spoilt for choice. A tablet with advanced features and multifunctional capabilities can be a good long-term investment, ideal for both—professional and personal use. So, here are 5 smart ways in which you can use tablets and get the most out of your brand-new device:

Keeping an eye on pets
Are you a working pet parent who wishes you could sneak out of work every once in a while to check on your canine friend at home? Well, now you can monitor your pet on your tablet from your workplace. These smart gadgets allow users to control their security cameras installed at home, assuring them that their pet is safe home alone.

Using it as a second monitor
An extra screen is always useful, especially for multi-taskers and busy working professionals. Installing another monitor can take up excessive space on your work desk, so a smart alternative is to use your compact tablet computer as your monitor by installing a software application such as Air Display or Splashtop XDisplay.

Installing it as your car’s head unit
Using your tablet as a head unit in the car is perhaps one of the best commute decisions you can make. Tablets are sleek and portable and typically have long battery lives, making them ideal travel buddies to entertain you with music and even help you with navigation. You should also install a car audio amplifier to facilitate a remarkable audio experience.

Accessing the printer
Gone are the days when you needed a computer to be able to get printouts of important documents. It is now a breeze to get printouts through tablets by installing Google Cloud Print on Android tablets or PrintCentral Pro on iPads. Wireless printing offers incredible convenience, especially for avid tablet users, who typically access their documents through their tablets.

Connecting tab to DSLR
Connecting your smartphone or tablet to your DSLR is probably the most underrated tablet hack. Once you connect your tab to the camera, you can access all camera functions on the screen and enjoy a live view of your picture. The way to do it is to download DSLR Controller on your tablet, connect your camera with your tablet using a USB cable, and unleash the photographer in you.

Starting your health journey
Ten minutes dedicated to meditation and fitness can make a world of difference in today’s fast-paced life. You can use your tablet to download meditation and fitness apps for guided meditation, breathing exercises, reminders to stay hydrated, and meal records.

Remote learning
Digitization of education is perhaps one of the most significant technological advancements in the past few years. Students can use their tablets as notebooks and textbooks in class, helping minimize paper use. Moreover, several innovative educational apps may be downloaded on tablets to enhance the learning experience.

Making art
If a canvas and box of paints are all you need to awaken the artist in you, the digital world is here to make the process simpler. Your tablet can double up as your sleek digital canvas with myriad colors for your art. Further, you can easily share your artwork on social media, emails, and chat applications.

Exploring the lesser-known functions of tablet computers can help you reap the benefits of digitization like never before. So, if you are buying a new tablet this sale season, consider the various innovative ways in which this sleek device can transform your daily life. Additionally, with Black Friday around the corner, top brands may offer lucrative discounts on the latest tablet models. For example, based on last year’s sales, you can expect Lenovo tablet deals this year. The brand might offer up to 30% off on gadgets like Lenovo Tab M10, Lenovo Tabs M8 and M7 (3rd gen), Lenovo Yoga Tab 11, and Lenovo Yoga Tab 13.

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