Helpful tips to maintain hair regularly

Helpful tips to maintain hair regularly

You may spend hours on the internet searching for a good pair of kicks and outfits to wear when you step out. But imagine wearing an eye-catching outfit, only to be photographed for social media with frizzy and unkempt hair. Keeping your hair in check is more complicated than most individuals can imagine. So, here are ten hair care routines to ensure you have a perfect hairdo wherever you go.

Try hair oil
A few drops of hair oil can prevent scalp dehydration, keep the hair in place (similar to hair creams or gels), and give each strand a shiny and lustrous look. Moreover, using a little oil daily will also make it easier for the scalp to absorb, which prevents pore blockage.

Use hydrating shampoo twice a week
Shampooing daily can dry out the hair, strip off the nourishing oils, and result in fluffy, dry hair that is difficult to manage. So we recommend using a hydrating shampoo only twice a week. Unlike regular options, hydrating ones contain nourishing oils that can extract dirt from the pores.

Use a conditioner
While you should use conditioner after washing off shampoo, it is also essential to condition the hair daily. Look for nutrient-rich options that contain ingredients like quinoa, aloe, vitamins A, B, C, and E, amino acids, and bamboo. These properties can repair, hydrate, and strengthen hair.

Own a blow dryer
Blow dryers are easy to come by and a good choice for good-looking hair. After a shower, the dryer heats the hair, allowing you to style your hair the way you want.

Wash oily hair regularly
If you have oily hair, you should consider washing it at least once a day to prevent clogging of the pores. However, you should consult a hair care specialist before using any hair care products.

Take precautions while swimming
Chlorine can have adverse effects on your hair. So before swimming, ensure to use a tight-fitting swim cap. You should also use a shampoo and deep conditioner specially formulated for swimming. These can help revitalize lost moisture.

Use quality hair products
The ingredients of each hair product are different. So when you decide to try certain hair creams, wax, clay, putty, fibers, or pastes, ask a hairstylist, barber, or hair care specialist about the ideal one for your hair. Also, read the labels for ingredients.

Detangle before showering
Wet hair is more susceptible to breakage if it is entangled. So it’s good practice to use a wide tooth comb to brush and detangle your hair for about a minute before entering a shower.

Eat balanced, healthy meals
The food you eat can have a significant impact on the quality of your hair. Ensure that you include foods like salmon, eggs, beans, berries, and avocados in your daily meal plans. These food items are rich in properties, including vitamin C, vitamin E, proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for your body and hair.

Avoid hot showers
While you might not notice this, a regular hot shower can burn the scalp, lead to irritation and even weaken hair growth. As a workaround, avoid extremely hot baths and stick to warm water instead. We also recommend indulging in a quick cold-water rinse to improve shine and seal the cuticles.