Hidden secrets of the magical Biltmore estate

Hidden secrets of the magical Biltmore estate

Biltmore is the largest privately-owned house in the country, and it’s a shining symbol of the iconic Guilded Age of the country’s history in the 19th and 20th centuries. These qualities, among many others, make the Biltmore estate a timeless experience for the tourists visiting this immaculate residency every year. One can endlessly explore the 8000-acre estate, which includes the 250-room mansion, 75 acres of incredible gardens, and the country’s most-visited winery.

Biltmore estate
Here are some of the most incredible places and experiences to witness in the Biltmore estate:

Antler Hill Village
The Antler Hill Village offers a tranquil experience to visitors, who can dine, shop, and discover more about the illustrious Biltmore history. Apart from being the home to the famous Biltmore Farm and Winery, this village also has a base camp for fun programs and activities. The farm also drips with exquisiteness; visitors can see the enchanting barn and farmyard, which includes the kitchen garden and adorable animals. Children have a lot to look forward to in Antler Hill Village, like fun family wagon rides, old-world games, and craft activities.

Biltmore Winery
A trip to the Biltmore Winery encompasses complimentary wine tasting and self-guided tours. Visitors can dine at an inbuilt bistro and witness special wine tours, classes, and cooking demonstrations. Most of them unwind at the winery after a long day of touring the estate.

Biltmore House
No visit to the estate can be complete without a visit to the grand Biltmore House. Visitors can see the incredible craft and grandeur of the mansion while listening to an audio-based narration of the architecture, history, antiques, and the life and times of the inhabitants of the Biltmore House. While the narration allows tourists to learn several interesting trivia about George Washington Vanderbilt II, a famous art collector and the original owner of the mansion, and his family, they can also discover the mansion at their own pace. Spending at least an hour or two at the mansion is advisable to get a feel of its glorious history.

Hidden secrets of the Biltmore estate
There are several intriguing tidbits of information that most visitors may not know about the grand estate. Here are a few of them:

  • Pisgah National Forest
    The Pisgah National Forest was a part of the estate. After George Vanderbilt’s passing in 1914, his wife Edith sold a whopping 86,700 acres of the estate to the Government per her husband’s wishes. Those acres are renowned today as a national forest, another huge tourist attraction.
  • Vanderbilt Library
    The vaunted Vanderbilt Library includes an incredible 23,000 books. The reason for the sheer size of the library and its number of books was George’s unwavering love for reading.

Biltmore tour tickets are available on the official website for guided tours of all the buildings within the privately-owned property. The cost for an adult is about $69. But if you are traveling with kids aged 9 and under, their tickets are exempted. Biltmore also features some unique Fall, Christmas, and Winter tour packages for multiple-day visits. Pricing for the packages will vary depending on the included amenities.