Is Black Friday worth the hype – 5 common myths busted

Is Black Friday worth the hype – 5 common myths busted

Black Friday is a frenzy shopping season that sees brands and retailers slashing the prices of their products to maximize sales. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals come once a year and are meant to attract both enthusiastic and reluctant customers to shop for products across categories. But does the season genuinely offer you massive savings? Do high-end brands participate in it? This article dispels some popular myths about the eagerly anticipated Black Friday.

Myth 1: You have to line up for hours outside stores and compete for the best deals
Black Friday no longer requires people to queue up outside stores for hours or brawl with one another to nab the best deals. Retailers carry enough inventory, have warehouse distribution centers, and issue rain checks whenever necessary. Online retailers, on the other hand, have paved the way for shoppers and brands to reach each other without fist fights and damaged goods. Additionally, if you exercise caution and pick your shopping destinations wisely, you can come upon relatively calm retail shops.

Myth 2: High-end brands don’t offer discounts
Tech giant Apple doesn’t offer direct discounts on its gadgets in Apple stores, but it participates in Black Friday by offering gift cards and incentives through third-party retailers. Apart from that, Barney’s Warehouse and Neiman Marcus outlets and online stores like Macy’s offer significant savings on luxury items.

Myth 3: All Black Friday discounts are advertised
Retailers don’t always disclose all their bargains on storefronts or home pages at once. This gives them the freedom to compete with other retailers in providing the best deals and drawing in the largest crowds.

Myth 4: Deals don’t start until Black Friday rolls in
Black Friday deals roll into the market about two to three weeks before Thanksgiving and last for about a week after Cyber Monday. Retailers set their own dates to release the deals, so it’s advisable to scour their website and pay a visit to their offline store to ensure you don’t miss out on any.

Final word: Does Black Friday actually offer you huge savings?
The simple answer is yes, especially for products priced at a higher end, like smartphones, appliances, TV, and cars, among others. As simple as a 10% discount on them can lead you to save hundreds of dollars. Having said that, not all retailers or brands offer steal deals. Some try to sell off older stock by slashing prices, while some raise the product prices ahead of the Black Friday week and offer a discount later. So, the best way to save more on Black Friday and not fall prey to scams is to comb through online and offline stores and compare prices in advance.

Some retailers offer discounts on select items and not on all merchandise to lure customers into the store. So, another effective way to save more is to make a list of discounted items you need. Sticking to the list will ensure you don’t end up buying other unwanted items at full price. Additionally, signing up for your preferred brand’s email list or following their social media account can also help you bag a good deal early on.


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