Pro tips to get the best hotels at affordable prices

Pro tips to get the best hotels at affordable prices

Booking hotels online saves you both time and effort. As a part of your travel itinerary, you try to find cheap accommodation at the next destination. But often, despite your best efforts, the discount you tend to get is not really worth the booking. Your booking methods are not wrong, but there are simple ways to ensure that you get the best deal online.

Check out these pro tips you can try out on your next booking.

Book smartly

Hotels often give you the best prices for multiple days of stay. If you book only for one night, the room may be pricier. However, blocking the days for a longer duration can get you night and day packages cheaper than in comparison. It is also a good idea to plan your vacation so that the days coincide with your hotel booking mid-week. Room rates are cheaper during the weekdays, especially in popular tourist locations like Las Vegas or Atlantic City. People here usually book the weekend stay to gamble and go on a night out.

Check out the hotel website

Granted, it is easier to find cheap hotels on popular online websites like Expedia,, and Trivago, among several others. But you can get a better deal by booking on the hotel website or contacting the concierge to ask for a special concession if any available. Many chain hotels offer memberships to customers who frequent the establishment with loyalty points and member discounts. Even if you don’t take the complete membership, several affordable reward point programs can save you a lot of money. Hotels have tie-ups with major banks and credit institutions that offer these rewards and cash backs for booking with their credit card.

Third-party memberships

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) members further enjoy discounts and cheap hotel bookings in partnership with the assistance programs. Note that AARP offers more than just senior benefits. Anyone can become a member and benefit from the program. AARP partners with several booking platforms and hotel chains to bring their members exclusive discounts on their next vacation. You can check these offers on the official website using the AARP Travel Center.

Pay for only the essentials

Hotel bookings may include a number of amenities that you might not use. You pay for them as part of the deal without realizing the extra cost can be avoided by simply using filters. Most booking websites employ these filters that you can use to your advantage to narrow down search results that are relevant. For example, if you won’t be spending a lot of time in the hotel premises, there is no need to pay for the gymnasium, spa, or pool facilities that may cost extra. By filtering out the unnecessary inclusions, you can get better rates for rooms at hotels that suit your travel itinerary.

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