The top 10 benefits of bamboo clothing and bedding products

The top 10 benefits of bamboo clothing and bedding products

Usually, bamboo is not the first word that comes to mind when one thinks of clothing and bedding materials. However, bamboo can be used to create incredibly soft and resilient fabric. As it continues to feature more and more in people’s daily lives (in the form of bamboo furniture, food, fuel, and other applications), bamboo clothing is also progressively finding new buyers today. Here are the top 10 benefits of bamboo clothing and bedding:

Bamboo garments, bed sheets, and other clothing or bedding products do not trigger allergic reactions in individuals. This quality makes such products ideal for people with sensitive skin, allergies, and asthma. The bamboo fabric also repels dust mites that cause runny noses, sneezing, and nasal congestion.

The bamboo-derived viscose is an incredibly soft clothing material that can be compared to luxurious materials such as silk and Egyptian cotton. At the same time, viscose sheets and clothes are much cheaper than silk or rayon ones. This aspect ranks pretty high among the top 10 benefits of bamboo clothing and bedding.

High durability
Bamboo bed sheets are far more long-lasting than traditional bed sheets. This durability and reliability comes from the fact that, unlike cotton, bamboo bed sheets are made from long fibers that cover the length of the fabric. In addition, longer fibers reduce the likelihood of such bed sheets tearing apart.

Bamboo-based sheets and clothes have antifungal properties, makingboo clothing and bedding items repellent to foul odors. As a result, such products have a sweet and pleasant smell even after long-term usage. Due to its pleasing aroma, many houses worldwide use doormats made of bamboo to clean dirty feet.

Eco-friendly and sustainable
This is arguably the most significant of the top 10 benefits of bamboo clothing and bedding items. Bamboo grows quicker than other plants and needs less than one-third the amount of water than what would be needed to grow cotton. Also, bamboo is a self-sufficient crop that does not require irrigation. These factors make bamboo clothes more eco-friendly than the ones made of cotton.

Immune to discoloration
Bamboo clothes do not absorb body oils that eventually change the color of other fabrics. As a result, bamboo clothing and bedding materials retain their color after several years of usage.

Breathable fabric
Bamboo is one of the best temperature regulators when used in bed sheets or clothes. This quality helps it retain moisture from the skin to prevent overheating during sweltering days.

Bacteria or fungi of any kind cannot survive on bamboo clothing or bed sheets, making bamboo linen incredibly hygienic and safe from any kind of bacteria.

Lightweight products
Bamboo garments or sheets are light and durable, making it easier to transport several such products simultaneously.

Once bamboo bedding or clothing products are worn out, they can be disposed of quickly. Such products take a year (at most) to degrade once they are buried in the soil.