Top phone plans to explore for seniors

Top phone plans to explore for seniors

Several popular networks in the country offer various cell phone plans that cater to seniors. Some seniors use cell phones only in times of emergency, while others use them regularly. That aside, it is essential to consider factors like data connectivity, network coverage, and monthly costs. It can be challenging to choose the right plan out of all the options. Thus, here are some of the best prepaid cell phone plans for seniors shortlisted.

Great prepaid cell phone plans for seniors

Mint Mobile
One of the cheapest prepaid cell phone plans is offered by Mint Mobile, wherein you get a 4GB data allowance for $15 per month. However, this price is valid for new customers only for the first three months. After that, you may have to renew it for three, six, or twelve months. Those who renew the plan for an entire year have to pay $15 per month. The plan is also compatible with unlocked phones, so you can bring your own device to claim the offer.

Ultra Mobile
If you or your elderly parents use their cell phones only when required, then Ultra Mobile is a great option. Their PayGo plan costs $3 a month for 100 minutes of talk, 100 texts, and 100MB of 4G data. The minutes and data are limited, but if you need extra data, it’s only 3 cents for each MB, 1 cent per text, and 3 cents for every extra minute for calls. However, an additional $2 will give you voice and text add-ons, a $5 top-up provides 500MB data for 24 hours, and a $10 top-up gets 1GB of data for a week.

This network has an Unlimited Age 55+ prepaid cell phone plan for seniors where you can get two lines with unlimited 5G data, calls, texts, 3G mobile hotspot data, and scam protection. All this for $55 per month ($27.5 each). Users get access to 2G data when in Mexico or Canada as well as texting facilities abroad. Seniors can also consider upgrading to Magenta or Magenta MAX plans, which cost $70 and $90 (for two lines), respectively. Both plans offer in-flight WiFi, free Netflix Basic, 5GB of 4G data in Mexico and Canada.

Note that the above-mentioned offers are subject to policy changes. It is recommended to check the mobile network’s official sites to confirm these services.

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